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Satan saved us, not His adversary.

I have felt the need to do a post for this for a while now. One of the core beliefs of christianity is the idea that Jesus, as the son of Jehova, saved humanity by dying on the cross and rising from the dead; by doing so, his blood saves humanity from the bondage of 'original sin' and the 'claws of the devil'. This was Jehova's 'plan of salvation' after Satan 'deceived' Adam and Eve and made them disobey Jehova by tempting them into eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

However: when reading this story carefully, a few things stand out.
First off, one should wonder why this tree was planted and accessible to them. The christian claim is that their obedience to Jehova was tested. But they had no knowledge of right and wrong at that time, so how could they have been held responsible for their actions? It's like disowning a toddler after he stole out of the cookie jar. No loving parent would ever do that, only someone who is cruel and sadistic.

Secondly, why 'allow' a 'cruel and cunning being' to have access to your innocent children, risking everything? It's like allowing a pedophile to babysit your toddlers.

And thirdly: why did an all-loving, all-knowing, omnipotent father not see that one coming? The only satisfying answer to that question is that either he did, and had actually planned it, or, he was indeed none of those things. Satan did not deceive anyone, but rather risked a war with Jehova, by stepping up against slavery and narcissism, which kept the first humans in bondage. He liberated them. It was Satan who saved humanity and gave them free will.

It was He who guided us to the path of discernment, knowledge, and the right to make free choices. If we are to believe the biblical narrative, He did so at a great price, because according to the story, He became an outcast and has been painted as a villain ever since.

So here's my version of events.

First off, I believe Jehova is not the 'one true god'. I believe all deities now referred to as Demons, were ancient Gods. Jehova is just one of them. Humanity was his new toy. Satan interfered because He opposes slavery. Jehova was angry that his toys were 'broken' and no longer blindly followed him.

He created the marketing strategy called 'salvation by his son'. But true salvation for humanity is brought by Satan, NOT Jesus or Jehova.

Of course, the bible is just a collection of stories, so let me clarify that I do NOT believe in the literal account of the garden of Eden.

It is interesting though that this story can be interpreted in two completely different ways, but most people are brainwashed to see it only one way.

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