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Satan is not Santa.

One of the questions people often ask me, is how to sell their soul to Satan to become successful, rich or famous.
The idea of selling your soul in exchange for favours, is nothing new.
While there are several legends and stories about 'making a deal with the Devil', the tale of Dr. Faust is probably the most known. Faust is unsatisfied with his life and calls out to the Devil. He is visited by Mephistopheles, the Devil's representative.
They come to an agreement: Mephistopheles will serve Faust and help him achieve what he wants for a set number of years. When the term is completed, the Devil will claim Faust's soul. Faust and Mephistopheles agree on the terms and the contract commences.

In the earlier versions of this story, Faust's sins cannot be forgiven and when the agreed time has passed, the Devil collects Faust's soul and he is being carried off to Hell.

In a later version, written by Goethe, Faust is saved by the biblical God because of his remorse and his efforts to redeem himself and set free from his contract. Faust is then allowed to enter heaven.

The story of Faust is a christian cautionary tale, warning against 'meddling' with the Devil and allowing oneself to be corrupted by sinful cravings and evil.

Is it possible to 'make a deal with the Devil,' to sell your soul and become rich and successful? And if so, is this a Satanic practice, as is often thought?

As always, let me begin my answer by saying that what I am writing is based on my personal experience and my personal opinion. I cannot speak for all Satanists, but I do believe that most serious Satanists will agree with me when I say: NO.

Satan is not Santa, who reads through our wish lists and gifts us with toys and trinkets. He is not a genie, granting wishes on demand. And Satan is not interested in 'buying our souls.'

If you want to be rich, successful and famous in life, you put in the effort. Satan is not some shortcut to a life of fame and fortune. you don't rub the lamp and get your three wishes. Satan is a primordial Being, Satan is God. A Satanist is devoted to Satan because that is what they believe.

Satan and the Demons can be powerful allies in our lives. They can assist us with magic and spell work, divination, personal growth and development. This requires us to put in serious time and effort in study and personal development. This is not a quick process nor is it easy per se, but it can be very rewarding.

The bottom line is that Satanism is a serious religion, and any skills you want to possess and develop demand dedication, work and perseverance. As with everything else in life.

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