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Angels and Demons.... oh my.

Satanism focuses on Satan. While the Demonic is a part of Satanic practices, Satan is and should be the main Deity to focus on. These days, there seems to be a shift in practices. Many people enter into pacts with Demons or work with both angels and Demons, believing this practice has no harm. I have even heard someone say that angels overlook the activities of Demons and interfere if and when necessary.
From a Satanic perspective, this claim seems rather out there. First of all, Demons do not need supervision. They are not naughty children. Second of all, angels have no power over Demons. They are not superior. This is an idea that stems from the christian beliefs that angels -and christians- have dominion over the Demons, as they are angels cast out of heaven as a punishment from Jehovah.
Although the origins of Demons are not quite clear and lots of theories are in circulation about where they come from and what they are, the fact is that nobody really has a definite answer to that question.

What I am about to write is simply my personal opinion and experience. I believe Demons are ancient, primordial Beings, Gods -or Demigods, if you will. They are part of the kingdom of Satan. As in any kingdom, a hierarchy exists. Within this hierarchy, they serve Satan as the Highest One and can be called upon by Satan’s followers, should the need arise. For a Theistic Satanist, the focus should be first and foremost on Satan though.

Angels are beings that serve Jehovah, who is one of the primordial gods. Like Satan, he has his own hierarchy of servants, the angels. Since it seems obvious that Jehovah views Satan as his opponent, it is hard to understand why some think the practice of working with both angels and Demons would be appropriate.

Perhaps part of these practices originate from the Key of Solomon; this grimoire speaks of elaborate rituals on how to summon and constrain Demons in order to compel them to do the magician’s will while invoking the protection of Jehovah.

In the end, how each of us chooses to practice, is up to the individual. However: I feel I needed to write this because I believe there is a danger in these practices that may be particularly applicable to new practitioners and confuse them.

Again, my personal opinion, but I think these can be dangerous practices for a Satanist. We do not need to try to force Demons, as if Demons could be forced. And we certainly do not need angels to supervise anything.

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