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A Tale Worth Telling.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Once upon a time, a tyrant ruled his subjects with an iron fist, having them convinced it was in their best interest.

A Great Prince could no longer bear the sight of the subjects being lead astray. He was a not only a powerful warrior who shone brighter than the brightest of stars, he was also a great teacher and leader. He believed in empowering his subjects so they could be the best version of themselves and eventually become like the gods themselves.

The Great Prince decided it was time to educate the poor subjects who were at the mercy of the tyrant, as they were unaware life had so much more to offer to them. He wanted to awaken their hunger for knowledge and wisdom and give them the chance to stand up for themselves. He had a deep, burning desire to open their minds for endless possibilities and choices.

The Great Prince disguised himself as an insignificant being rather than appearing in all his radiance. He contemplated which one of the subjects would be the most receptive to his reason and wisdom. He studied the tyrants subjects patiently and decided that Woman would be the best choice. He had watched her from afar for a while, considering all options and the best way to approach her.

One day, Woman was strolling through a more isolated part of the garden where she and her companion, Man, were allowed to live by the tyrant that kept them imprisoned. She was not aware of her golden cage, as she was not able to discern or be sentient, for she did not have any knowledge yet. Woman was not taught the concept of knowledge, or free will. Woman and Man were simply programmed to accept the tyrant's word as Truth.

The Great Prince approached her gently, as he did not want to frighten her with his glorious appearance, so he hid as a modest creature on one of the branches of a tree.

As Woman came closer and noticed the great prince, he started to talk with her. Woman was not startled at all by this humble creature and engaged in conversation with the great prince. He questioned her about what it was the tyrant had told her. Woman answered that they could it all fruits but one in the beautiful garden, as the fruit from that particular tree would kill them.

The Great Prince was appalled by the deception of this. He realized the opportunity to gain knowledge and become an independent being was right under the nose of Woman and Man but withheld from them by the tyrant. What a cruel, almost sadistic game. The Great Prince could no longer be silent and explained to her in a kind voice: "You will not surely die. The great tyrant knows that when you eat of this fruit, your eyes will be opened and you will become like us; knowing what is good and what is evil."

Woman decided she wanted to experience that; she had no true concept of the decision she was making. How could she? After all, the tyrant had never blessed her with the gift of discernment. She had no idea of what was good or bad. The fruit looked tasty enough and she followed her heart and ate of it.

She shared the fruit with Man and he ate from it as well. Their transformation was almost instantly. All of a sudden their eyes were opened and the veil was lifted.

The tyrant was enraged, as this meant he had lost the total control he had had over his subjects. He cursed Man and Woman, casting them out of their golden cage into the Great Unknown. He cursed the great prince for his actions and became his arch enemy.

The Great Prince was called a fallen angel, the father of all lies and the greatest evil by the tyrants' subjects for the longest time as they did not know any better. But as time passed by, more and more people started to see the great prince for what he really was: the bearer of a great light; the Bringer of wisdom and knowledge. The people realized that they could become strong, independent and in control of their lives through the patience, knowledge and wisdom of the great prince. They learned that following him brought perfect balance between light and darkness. That the Great Prince tests and teaches in a way that is not always pleasant, but always useful.

But for sharing this gift, He paid a great price.

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