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About Me.

I am a Theistic Satanic Witch. Animal Lover. Mother. Human.

I became a Theistic Satanist in 2009, but my journey goes back to my childhood.

Growing up in a fundamental evangelical christian household, I never felt connected with the deity my family worshipped.

It was not for a lack of trying, but it seemed my prayers were always met with a cold silence. It was like praying to a stone wall.

My parents taught me that their god was all loving and that jesus was my best friend, but that if I did not allow myself to be 'saved', I would suffer eternally by the hands of god's greatest adversary.

I was also taught the bible was the literal and infallible word of god.

This of course was something that made me question a lot of bible passages growing up.

As a teenager, I reached out to Satan for the first time. It took me many years before I eventually answered His calling though. I even got baptized as an adult, tried to raise my children with the bible. But more and more questions came and eventually I let go of my childhood religion and followed Satan.

Looking back, I can say that Satan was always there. I believe I was always His. I think that is one of the reasons why my prayers to jehova went unanswered. They were not his to answer.

I can shamefully admit I went back to church though, not once, but twice. Satan however did not condemn me, but waited patiently as a loving parent, for me to return. I finally fully chose Satan, because He had chosen me a long time ago. I am back in the arms of the Primordial One, where I belong.

My life has been so much better after doing so. I have grown strong, independent and have learned that prayer IS answered, as long as you pray to the right God.

Satanism is NOT about human or animal sacrifice. On the contrary; most Satanists see children and animals as sacred, as innocent. To harm them, is a great evil. Satanism DOES represent freedom of thought, freedom of will, self preservation and self development.

Hail Satan, now and forever!

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