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How it all began....

I  became a Spiritual Satanist in 2009 but my journey with Satan started much earlier on in my childhood, although I did not really recognize it as such at the time. Looking back, it was Satan reaching out to me. Throughout the years, I learned a lot and was inspired by amazing women like Diane Vera, Venus Satanas and Marie Ravensoul.

I refer to myself as a spiritual Satanist as I believe in the actual deity I refer to as Satan, as well as Lucifer as it is my personal belief these are two different manifestations of the same entity.

As there are many different forms of Satanism, I will not debate the different views on Satan, nor will I defend my beliefs. Those are strictly between Satan and myself.

For those of you who believe Hollywood Satanism is what Satanism is all about;  you could not be more wrong. I do not sacrifice animals or babies, nor am I involved in any form of (ritual ) abuse; I don't know any Satanists who are. I am a vegetarian and an animal right's advocate and mother of children whom I love more than life itself.

The goal of this website is to inspire others, whether they are already followers of the left hand path or interested in this journey.

I write devotionals, inspirationals and short stories that honour Satan and my path with Him in my BLOG.

Hail Satan!

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I would like to share with you the resources that have been so helpful for me in my 11 year journey into Satanism.

Here are some links I can highly recommend:

Diane Vera

Venus Satanas

Marie Ravensoul


Satanism Today

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How to spot the Satanist....

“The real satanist is not quite so easily recognized as such.”
― Anton Szandor LA Vey, The Satanic Bible

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